Spiritual/Church Leadership in Seeking an Adjacent Possible Future

We live in an age of uncertainty; at best a liminal time to unlearn our destructive ways and to learn anew how to have a symbiotic relationship with everything. Time seems short to figure this out, and yet this time crunch, and sense of urgency we all share, can spark creative action.

For those of us in spiritual/religious communities the task before us seems monumental in some ways. At the heart of the task facing all humans, but especially the church, is how do we unlearn our thinking and practices that support unhealthy ways of being in this world. How do we open ourselves to new ways of spiritual practice, and institutional focus, that are symbiotic with everything – we are all related. As followers of the Way of Jesus, we seek to engage our faith in fresh, dynamic, and faithful ways that fit with the times in which we are living.

Eco-commoning is one way to describe what we are seeking.

  • Eco represents this symbiotic relationship with everything.
  • Commoning is a best practice of humans living in fair, cooperative and sustainable ways.

We are inviting faith community leaders to join us in unlearning and learning together. In these liminal times, it is as much about refining the questions as having answers. It is humbly experimenting with practices that might open us to this adjacent possible future. A future where the church seeks to put its colonialist past behind us, as we live into a more just, viable, and sustainable future. This seems to be our calling these days.

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