Together we will explore and develop the concept of eco-commoning

Experience a dynamic exchange of ideas through round table discussions. Engage with thought-provoking concepts and gain insights from diverse perspectives as we explore the transformative power of Eco-commoning. Our knowledgeable presenters will illustrate this approach through real-world examples and compelling stories.

First Community Salmon Arm BC
First Community Salmon Arm BC

Delve deeper into the topics that resonate with you through our small group discussions. These intimate settings provide an opportunity for meaningful conversations and shared exploration, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

At the heart of The Commons is our commitment to building relationships. Communal meals offer not only sustenance for the body but also a nurturing space for connections to flourish — embodying the essence of the commons.

Begin and end each day with spiritual practices that enrich your experience. These moments of reflection and connection provide a foundation for a meaningful and transformative event. Join us as we embark on this journey together, where every element is thoughtfully designed to contribute to the collective wisdom of The Commons.

Here some of the topic areas to be explored

  • Eco-commoning in the church: Technical fixes vs adaptive change
  • Adaptive change in a different world
  • Values of the Commons
  • Property ownership and the commons
  • Identifying colonialist practices within the institutional church
  • Collaborative ministry and partnerships
  • What does leadership look like in the commons
  • Distinguishing church leaders from spiritual leaders
  • Eco-commoners vs neo-barons: Astra Taylor’s Massey Lectures
  • Charitable responses vs seeking the common good
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